For volunteers who are tired of everyday life, who are looking for an experience out of the ordinary and who want to experience an untouched continent, then this is the project for you. Volunteers can work in close contact with wild animals and people from all walks of life. You will be taken on adventures and taught how to read nature and its wildlife. You will conquer fears, the African savannah and experience the unique interaction and bonding with animals. You don’t have to be physically strong, because you will learn how to feel strong. At the Wildlife Sanctuary, volunteers live by two things - being an animal lover and to always expect the unexpected.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is an ever changing environment and there is always something exciting happening, whether it’s with the wildlife, research, day care centre or medical projects.

This project gives volunteers the opportunity to make a difference in the animals’ lives, and providing the animals that cannot be released with the best living conditions and care. All animals deserve a second chance and they are entitled to be put back into their natural habitat where they can lead a free life without human disturbance. 

All the money raised through the volunteering program goes directly back into the project and provides employment, education and accommodation to the local Bushman community and ensuring the rescue, survival and rehabilitation of the animals which are housed in natural environments around the site. The funds helps the project to continue the battle for environmental welfare and helps to buy items such as GPS collars for research, building materials, fuel, food and medication for the animals, as well as volunteer food.

Volunteer Involvement
As a volunteer you will be involved in all the daily activities which will include food preparation, feeding, care-taking, cleaning and building of enclosures, waterholes and fences, fence patrol on horseback, game counting, animal studies, helping in the children’s day care centre, research on rehabilitated animals, fear factor games, survivor games, dress up nights, bush walks as well as animal walks and star gazing.