Volunteers will have the rare and exciting opportunity to actively participate in the conservation, rehabilitation, care and research of African wildlife.

The sanctuary currently provides a safe refuge for orphaned, injured or conflict wildlife, a host of birds, smaller African mammals and farmyard animals. The animals at the sanctuary will vary at any given time, due to the release and / or relocate policy of the project.

Volunteers are crucial in helping to care for the animals in rehabilitation or permanent captivity at the sanctuary, as well as helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary.  This is an exceptional opportunity to get hands on experience with African wildlife and the many aspects of their care. 

Volunteer Involvement
Activities at the sanctuary are carried out on a rotational group system to ensure that everybody gets exposed to the variety of experiences available. 

Possible tasks as a volunteer at the Sanctuary include preparing food and feeding the wildlife and farm animals, cleaning and maintaining enclosures, providing enrichment to the animals in the form of interaction, walks in the bush or implementation of special activities for them, and providing intensive care for juvenile wildlife including overnight care for some animals such as baboons, physical labour such as building new facilities, research which may include the monitoring of free-roaming carnivores in the area, analysing camera traps and GPS data. tracking and monitoring carnivores (and sometimes snakes), horseback riding and game counts in the bush, and assisting with the various projects that arise at the sanctuary.