Our Private Game Farm Project is situated near the town of Hoedspruit, and adjacent to the world renowned Kruger National Park, in the 65000 hectare Balule Private Nature Reserve.

With no substantial fences between the project and Kruger National Park, no internal fences within the reserve and no animals in camps and cages (captivity), volunteers are offered an unmatched stay at this project.

The indigenous Flora enjoys maximum protection and the wild animals migrate freely between Private Game Farm and
Kruger National Park. This is not a man created Big 5 area, and is one of the largest of the few areas in South Africa that is still a wilderness, as it was from the day of creation.

Being adjacent to Kruger National Park, most of the herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, reptiles, snakes, primates, smaller cats, eagles, vultures, birds, insects and their relatives that you find in Kruger National Park, roam freely on this Reserve. During the walks and drives on offer, you will almost always see animals.

The new exciting volunteer program includes modules from the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) Level 1 training manual, such as reptiles, birds, mammals and animal behaviour.

There are 17 modules in total, and apart from the set modules listed above, volunteers are given the option to choose other lectures that suit their interests, as all modules can't be covered in a two-week period.  Practical experience is gained on morning and afternoon bush walks and on sunrise / sun-downer / night drives.  We also cover conservation management with practical experience in the bush, which could include alien plant control, erosion management or maintaining roads.

In addition, there will be short informal lectures, designed to give participants an understanding of both animals and nature to enhance their experience on bush walks and game drives.  Volunteers will also participate in the conservation of the area with hands-on experience in the bush (which could include alien plant control, erosion management or working on sustainable projects).

This is a Big 5 area and the volunteer programme may be disrupted at any point by game viewing opportunities, whether it be elephants visiting at the camp fence, giraffes passing by or an early morning wake-up call to go see lions.